Don Imus, the leper from the ‘Nappy Headed Ho’ remark that got him booted from radio last year, is at it again. And once again we have a huge stupidity factor involved. No one ever accused Imus of being smart, but in this case is it not Imus that needs to be smacked.

A joke went awry and now one of the most ‘revered’ men in America (well at least in his own large mind, well he must have a large mind, everything else about him is large) Al Sharpton has ‘weighed’ in on the subject.

The Rev Al needs to get a real job, rather than stirring up trouble. As I recall he was right into the Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman bounty hunting misadventure, offering counseling. The only person that needs counseling, and maybe some guidelines on job hunting is the Rev Al himself.

The way I see it, satellite radio is a lot like cable tv. If you don’t like a program, no-one is making you watch it. I don’t like much of what the networks put out, so I don’t watch them. It is simple.

The likes of Al Sharpton want to take choice away from us. I personally think Don Imus has the entertainment value of a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), but if people want to tune in, I have no problem.

This latest Imus debacle involves Adam (Pacman) Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, Adam apparently is well known to the boys in blue. and has a rap sheet longer than the register receipt tape from when I take my wife grocery shopping. Imus made an ‘Off Color’ remark about Adam (Pacman) Jones, asking “What color is he?”

Does it matter what color he is?

Simon Barrett

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