Announcement: The general public, including Freedom Newspaper valuable sources are here by advised to cease sending correspondence to this email Please channel your mails to this with immediate effect. In addition, disregard any email purportedly coming from the email The Freedom Newspaper management wishes to assure its esteem readers, well -wishers, fans,sources at the heart of Jammeh’s government that this paper is alive and kicking despite attempts made by enemies of Freedom to bring us down. We are aware of the APRC propaganda to smear the Editor of the Freedom Newspaper, its staffers and family. This paper has been tested time and time but God willing, we are here to stay. No amount of smear campaign and blackmail can make us give up from our editorial stance. This paper has a mission and it must accomplish its mission God willing. We have put our lives on the line to face the consequences. We as responsible editors and reporters are aware of the sacrifice we have taken to liberate our countrymen and women from despotism. We know for a fact that such scarification goes with risk and total commitment.We have been called names,accused, indicted,judged in absentia for merely reporting the truth and nothing but the truth. We shall never retreat, no surrender despite their failed attempts to wipe us from the phase of the internet as one of their hired hackers called it in one of his threatening emails to the Editor of this leading paper. We shall prevail no matter what. Fellow Gambians and Friends of The Gambia, we as patriotic sons and daughters of this great country shall continue to rattle Jammeh’s cage no matter what type of cyber terror tactics they applied. We are ready to be Gambia’s sacrificial lamb if that is the price for Freedom. We love our country to the bottom of our heart and shall never compromise our editorial independence. Let them come with their guns, ammo tanks, fighter jets and all what not, but Freedom is here to expose them beyond redemption. This paper have zero tolerance for injustice,corruption and rights abuses. They hate us because of our uncompromising stance to expose graft and rights abuses. We are here by state that the Former APRC nominated MP Ramzia Diab have no ties with the Freedom Newspaper and the ongoing propaganda to associate her with Freedom is just outrageous and unacceptable. This government should refrain from going for the wrong people. The real sources are dining with President Jammeh on a daily basis. We shall continue to protect the said sources some of whom are on active duty. There are more heart breaking stories to come in days to come. President Jammeh should get ready. We have the means and the know how to rattle his cage. Information is power and we shall continue to use information to diffuse their lies and propaganda campaign. This government survives on lies and deception. The Daily Observer Management should relax, as we are aware of their conspiracy theories to lie against the Editor of this paper, staffers and family. The Observer Management shall face justice sooner or later. It beat our imagination that some Gambians can be too low to sell their dignity and pristidge for few Dalasis. What is the Observer and whoever helping the government to lie against Freedom? We are blessed and shall never be intimidated by cowards. All those taking part in the ongoing misinformation campaign agaisnt Freedom shall pay for the price one day. To the Observer managment, we say we got your hate mail and is being processed. The Observer is implicating Jammeh by the minute and the hour. We hope Pa Nderry’s family is safe and secured during these dark days of our country’s political history. The government of the Gambia would be held responsible for anything that happens to the Editor’s family. Let them go ahead with their plans. We are closely monitoring developments. We urge our readers, sources and supporters to remain onboard the Freedom train. This is the train that would restore democracy, good governance, accountability, probity and dignity in our dear mother land. The Freedom Newspaper Management are ready to die for the Gambia. Call us dogs, slaves and sellouts if we ever abandon you in the mid of the struggle. Our ship captain and crews took an oath before launching this paper and shall never depart from the said oath. Gambians should bear in mind that the road to our country’s freedom is not going to be easy as many thought. Some will die, tortured,persecuted and forcefully exile, but the GOOD sons and daughters of the Gambia shall continue with the struggle. If the Freedom Newspaper was a garbage paper or gutter press if you like, the Gambian state would not have wasted its time, energy and resources trying to harass and torture its staffers and fans. It would also not try to ridicule its editor,family and staffers with hate and malicious mails. They distort information in a bid to deceive Gambians. But the truth shall prevail. As we wrap up this important announcement, we pray for God’s protection and Guidance. Down with Jammeh and his murderous regime. Signed…. Freedom Newspaper Management Posted on Tuesday, December 26, 2006 (Archive on Sunday, December 31, 2006) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powered By PointClick : Terms Of Use : Privacy St

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