Important Announcement:Freedom Newspaper Management suspends Guest Book And Forum!!! Jammeh cyber terrorists rendered impotent!

Editor M’Bai says Freedom
of Expression goes with

Important Announcement: Following the abuse of the Freedom Newspaper Guest Book and Forum columns by some contributors, under the banner of pen name, management have thought it crucially imperative to protect the rights and liberties of Gambians and non Gambians alike accused by these Jammeh cyber warriors by suspending the operations of the columns named herein with immediate effect. Our dear readers and supporters are being informed that this paper will never condoned slanderous materials posted here by people, whose sole objective is to smear the images of innocent Gambians. We as responsible Editors and Reporters are aware of our required journalistic duties to society and would never hesitate to stop such hate message perpetrators. Freedom of expression goes with absolute responsibility. We, blocking the said columns do not in any way suggest that we are trying to censor independent voices. As a responsible paper, we are duty bound to filter any information that goes into Freedom. We regret for any incontinence this major editorial decision might have caused to our esteem readers. It’s about time we take full charge of this paper. Some subscribers have abused the magnanimity extended to them by this paper’s editors by filing uncensored opinions. In the process, they sought to smear the images of innocent Gambians, who had no ties with this leading paper. Our decision is final. No more unedited postings here on Freedom!!!

From now on, people interested in supplying information to the Freedom Newspaper or reacting to our stories are free to email the editor through our contact us file page. However, we cannot guarantee that all letters sent would be published. Contributors are being urged to refine their wordings if they want their messages or pieces published here at Freedom. The editorial board will not entertain abusive languages. Period!!!

This paper has succeeded in capturing loyal readers in their thousands and would never entertain actions that might undermine the paper’s credibility. We know for a fact that their are some Jammeh supporters joining the fray, in a bid to undermine our good intended project for the people of The Gambia and across the globe. We are resolute and committed to protecting the privacies of our subscribers, readers and supporters. Those guilty of abusing the Freedom Newspaper guest book and forum column have been rendered impotent today. They registered under different names to fire shots. Today, marks the end on their cyber terror activities. If they had heeded to our previous appeals for restraint in their way of postings, a situation like this would not have happened in the first place. But guess what, management, got to do, what it got  to do, to safeguard the integrity and credibility of Freedom. Our reader’s interest  comes first before anything.

On a final note, management would rename the said columns in weeks to come. We intend to come up with new features that would not be accessible to any third party. Feel free to email the editor on these latest developments. However, our decision is final. Thanks for your attention.

Signed: Management Of The Freedom Newspaper
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, May 29, 2007)
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