Dioufa in action. Raleigh calling!!

The  venue for the PAPE DIOUF Raleigh  show has been changed from the Lighthouse convention Center. The new Venue is DeeJay’s, 704 Beacon Lake Dr.Raleigh, NC 27610 Sunday, July 1st,2007 Tickets: $35 It Starts early!!!!! Contact: Sheikh Faal @919-337-3024, 865-454 9196, 919-875-4411,
919-633-3934,  865-765-9589 Ndaga fans are being informed about these latest developments.

As we piece this write up together, we gathered that the world acclaimed Ndaga star is going to entertain his audience with his latest vibes. Pape Diouf is one of the leading Senegalese artists. His melodious voice usually caught the attraction of many music lovers on the Senegambian sub region. His Raleigh show is going to attract thousands of Ndagan fans as planned. Its been a while since  the Senegamabin community last to receive Senegalese artists. Fallou Jeng was here about three years ago, thanks to brother Sheik Faal and his group. Now we are welcoming the world Ndaga star in the heart of NC,  thanks to popular music  promoter Abdoulie Njie of Atlanta.  The organizers have been very magnanimous by making gate fees affordable to all and sundry. It’s only  gonna be $35 dollars per guest. Be there or be no where. Raleigh is calling brothers and sisters. “Dafasafrach.”

According to the organizers, the program is gonna start at 10 Pm. There is good number of Gambians and Senegalese in Raleigh. Due to the increasing  population of the Senegambian community, one hardly feels home sick. You hardly work into a  grocery store without meeting a Gambian or Senegalese. There is a growing bound of smooth relationship between the Gambians and the Senegalese Community here. Having Pape Diouf in Raleigh would no doubt going to further facilitate the reunion of the community.

Raleigh “Derryankes” and their partners  are being urged to come out in large numbers to grace such a great occasion. This is a rare opportunity in life time, trust me brother. I’m for real. Having Pape Diouf in Raleigh means a lot for us North Carolinians.  Diouf is being rated as one of top Ndaga stars today in Dakar. Raleigh Gambians and Senegalese must be very proud to receive such an important guest. Indeed. We shall keep you posted about Diouf’s travel schedules. Stay tuned….

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