Minister of State for Care Services Paul Burstow MP

(London, UK) The UK Autism Foundation is backing a new Autism Consultation launched by Care Services Minister Paul Burstow and Her Majesty’s Government. The Department of Health Consultation titled – ‘Implementing Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives’ is aimed at improving are services and healthcare outcomes for adults with autism in England.

The UK Autism Foundation is fully supporting the DH Consultation and hopes that it will lead to constructive dialogue with parents, carers and the Autism Community. Ivan Corea has pointed out that there is a great deal of unfinished business on autism.

The Care Services Minister of Britain’s Coalition Government, Paul Burstow MP said:

‘The consultation contains draft guidance for health and social care bodies, which will help frontline staff translate the policy into practice, so that we can begin to achieve real change for those affected by autism. This is a key step in ensuring that the Government fulfils the requirements laid down in the Autism Act 2009 to publish by the end of the year mandatory guidance for health and care bodies to give effect to the autism strategy.

This consultation will enable us to:

• hear the views of service commissioners and providers, service users and family carers and use those views to inform the development of the statutory guidance
• understand the expectations of adults with autism and their family carers in relation to health and social care services 
• seek views on the issues in the consultation document on the provision of health and social care services for adults with autism
• gather more information about what services are currently provided for adults with autism and family carers, and how they could improve.

Throughout the consultation process we will continue to work closely with key partners to ensure that the voices of people with autism and their families are heard and given due weight,’ said Minister Paul Burstow.

A consultation to help improve care services and healthcare outcomes for adults with autism in England was launched by Care Services Minister Paul Burstow.This is the next step to help adults with autism live full and independent lives as equal and included citizens and follows the publication of the strategy for adults with autism: Fulfilling and rewarding lives.The strategy sets a clear framework for all mainstream public sector services to support adults with autism and is backed up by the Autism Act 2009, the first ever condition specific legislation.

The 12-week consultation process seeks views from those with autism, their families, carers, representative organisations and all sectors of society on a number of important issues such as:
• diagnosis of autism
• increasing awareness of autism amongst frontline staff
• provision of training and specialist training for frontline staff
• appropriate assessment of needs for those with autism
• provision of relevant services for young people and adults with autism
• local leadership for NHS and social care in relation to the provision of services for adults with autism

1. The consultation will run for a 12-week period from 30 July to 22 October 2010.
2. Full consultation materials can be downloaded by clicking on the consultations link on the home page of
3. There are a range of ways for people to respond to the consultation, including:

• completing an online questionnaire
• responding in writing
• responding via e mail.

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