—If Romney ends up losing the election, as a consolation prize how about turning over our welfare system to the Mormons? They have one for their own members that functions quite well. Since ours performs like a blind elephant playing hockey, what have we got to lose?

—Hillary now seems to be carrying the woman vote, and the African-Americans are heavily backing Obama. Doesn’t this present a dilemma for African-American women? Is it too late for them to register in Michigan to vote for Uncommitted?

—People have been wondering if John McCain is too old to be president. It seems that the White House has more comfortable living quarters and more attentive medical care than the Hanoi Hilton, so don’t you think he’ll be okay? Besides that, did you see his 95 year old mother Saturday night? I don’t think she could win a wrestling match with Fred Thompson, but I believe she could hold her own against any of the other candidates. Like mother, like son.

—Obama gets slam-dunked, double-digits, by Clinton in Nevada’s popular vote. But he wouldn’t make a concession speech. His reason? He says he won Nevada, because he may end up with 13 delegates there compared to Hillary’s 12. Huh?

—Why are the Republicans supporting McCain, who basically supports the same Iraq policy that got Bush in so much trouble? Does anyone remember the Tet Offensive (40 years ago next month), when the North Vietnamese blew away our optimistic vision that we were gaining ground in Southeast Asia? Isn’t it a little early to say “Mission Accomplished” again?

—What’s with this “Florida Strategy” Guliani is running? You sit around in Miami while the other candidates are gaining momentum and money showing how serious and hardworking they are, and the longer you sit, the more your support slips. . . in Florida. Good, Rudy. Show up late and pray for an easier road ahead. It’s sure working miracles for Fred Thompson.


—If inflation is a worry, why are we thinking about a government giveaway of five hundred bucks to every taxpayer (read: shopper)? Just wondering. Whatever they decide, I want my cut.

–If giving money back to the people is good for the economy, wouldn’t it be GREAT for the economy to give it ALL back? How about privatizing everything dealing with the common good, letting non-profit citizens groups run everything else, and let our Washington royals be public relations figureheads like in the United Kingdom?

—And speaking of getting the government’s rump out of all our affairs, is anyone else out there old enough to remember when healthcare worked wonderfully, doctor and dentist visits were affordable, insurance was never mentioned in politics, the school systems turned out educated students without mandatory testing, and Richard Nixon refused to unsettle the nation by bringing in a bunch of lawyers to contest the stolen 1960 election? Then the government came galloping in. And not a moment too soon–look how much better off we all are now.

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