The American Government should first do a survey on how many “Americans” would actually be willing to do the HARD WORK that many “illegal” members of their population are willing to do and I am sure the feedback would be negative!  By increasing the fees to apply for Green Card or Citizenship, the US Gov’t has only fueled the hardworking side of the persons who require this status, they will work as hard as they have to and they will get it so face it and deal with it.

America was not bulit by Ameircans, actually there is no such thing as a true Amercian, America was built by immigrants of Europe, especially Britain.  The so called Americans must remeber that they uprooted the Native Americans so they are now paranoid that the imigrants will do the same to them.  However, the pie is big enough for all.

Also, in terms of persons who have their visas and when they come to the airports in the US the immigration gives them so much of a hard time they need to be informed that not everyone who visits wishes to live there.  I visit there and I have no wish to live there, I cannot live on the edge and that is exactly what America has been living on since 9/11, everyone is papranoid.

Kingston, Jamaica

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