Blogging from PHOENIX—National blow-back over Arizona’s “papers please” law is beginning to create discernible ideological rifts in the otherwise unified focus of the Republican Party. Prior to Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer signing the controversial immigration statute into law, the GOP was united in lockstep opposition to whatever topic, policy or opinion President Barack Obama might have on a given subject.

Unaware that a large minority of conservatives and republicans actually posse principles, the wing-nut racist who crafted the law and the Neo-Nazi affiliated State Senator who sponsored it, were clueless in respect to the fact many republicans would repudiate it. They rightly see it as an attempt to deprive Americans of a basic constitutional precept, LIBERTY which in practical terms, means the right of Americans to walk down the street, confident they lived in a Republic where the police were prohibited from stopping them at random to demand they show their papers.

I commend the members of the GOP who displayed moral character in denouncing this law for what it really is, the befouled and rancid issue of soulless political prostitutes who wake each day eager to exploit fear and profit on the misery of others. Responsible liberals, conservatives and independents agree its way past time we reform this Nations immigration policy.

Jan Brewer’s signature on a bill that would have pleased Jim Crow may be more than simply the act that will surely define her only term as Governor of the Great State of Arizona, her blatant pandering and utter political ignorance, may prove to be the spark that ignites a larger debate that will force both sides of the political divide to seek a bi-partisan way forward on immigration reform.

I continue to think former president George W. Bush is the ideal individual to be appointed head of a congressional or Presidential blue panel commission, a panel of individual who can be tasked with the responsibility of providing a bi-partisan policy framework, that both the house and senate can use to begin the legislative process of reforming the laws that currently leave the country at risk of another major terrorist attack and continuing economic deprivation.

A majority of Arizona residents do support the new law, but only till you explain to them it means they too must carry and present proof of citizenship when a law enforcement officer demands their papers, Which is why many conservatives and republicans have gone public in opposition to what most constitutional law scholars agree is a statute that violates one of the most precious rights defined by the founding fathers.

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