PHOENIX — Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon warns the debate over immigration is becoming “racist and hateful” and something needs to be done before the situation gets out of control. “People are calling this a game”. It’s not a game”. “It’s becoming life and death for a lot of people,” Gordon said, speaking on News/Talk 92-3 KTAR.  “This has got to stop and it has to stop now.”


Gordon went on to say extremists have seized control of the immigration issue in Phoenix and believe they have authority to say who belongs in the country and who doesn’t. “It’s outrageous conduct on the part of these individuals who have proclaimed themselves self-judges of who belongs in our country and who doesn’t belong in our country,” the mayor remarked.


“What’s going on now is the worst of the worst things individuals turn to, out of fear. They’re starting to hate.” Gordon’s comments brought an angry reaction from a Mr Rick Galeener, a demonstrator who gathered at a north Phoenix day labor center for the 10th straight day on Monday. “This is ridiculous,” Galeener said. “Our mayor should be ashamed of himself for calling Christian American citizens racist. This is ridiculous”.

He further warned, “Mayor Gordon, get off your butt and do something”. “Otherwise, we need to change the system of government we have in this city.”

Mayor Gordon has warned some of the opponents of illegal immigration have ties to dangerous hate groups. “check the websites of some of these individual groups and individuals” The ones involved right here in our city, you’ll see the ties to neo-nazis, you’ll see the ties to skinheads, you’ll see the ties to racist hate groups.”


The unseen hand stirring the kettle of discontent in Phoenix according to reliable sources is none other then Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The powerful republican county political boss. Who controls a state wide political machine many claim is really an empire built on abuse, corruption,  greed and infamous “death while in custody incidents”.

Joe Arpaio

The route of Arpaio’s hand picked congressional delegation in the 06 midterms and the election of democrats to the states top executive posts have curtailed the Sheriffs power to some degree.

Hayworth J.D HayWorth, Once A powerful member of congress and Arpaio loyalist, reduced to a drive time slot spewing tirades on Phoenix’s local hate radio affiliate K.F.Y.I  

bush_renzi.jpg  Representative Rick Remzi, Currently under multiple state and federal investigation.  This Arpaio political son is considered by most to be amongst the top ten most corrupt members of congress. He has announced he will not seek another term.

With mounting losses at the congressional and state level, Arpaio attempted to craft a political scandal against the new democratic attorney general so transparent and ridiculous the A.G. was chuckling when he responded to the allegations.


With the State announcing it would no longer be accepting cases brought by the sheriff some of the the local print and television media perhaps sniffing winds of change in the political climate. 

Began actually reporting on some of the sheriffs more questionable investigations and expenditures of tax funds.

The Boss never one to back down from a political fight, decided to express his sore displeasure with the fourth estate and arrested a couple members of the local media for publishing articles he felt were critical of his office.

To his credit and perhaps political salvation when County Attorney Andrew Thomas learned the sheriff had gone a tad off the mental reservation.  Spent all of five minutes considering the issue, before calling a press conference to announce he was firing the special prosecutor who issued the warrants and dropping all charges against the reporters. Current gossip in the halls of state and county government speculates the near eighty year old sheriff is perhaps a bit “touched”

Enter Governor Mitt Romney, doubtless unaware the sheriffs national reputation and influence has been reduced to little more then a marketing creation of Fox television.

The fellow many are calling the plastic candidate called on Boss Arpaio to head on up to New Hampshire, and with the fan fare of a General marshaling forces for D-Day. The local FOX affiliate interrupted normal programing to broadcast images of the Sheriff and aids departing for New Hampshire on M.C.S.O ONE, the plane that transports the sheriff.

M.C.S.O ONE, much like Air Force One is kept fueled and on stand by for flight at all times. That the sheriff requires a “security” detail comparable to the vice president of the united states was revealed in a series of articles in the Arizona republic.

Still with New Hampshire lost some people are beginning to openly question just why it is so many of the sheriffs deputies can be found working ”off duty” jobs patrolling private parking lots around the protest area.

It may even lead people to wonder if the sheriff isn’t perhaps attempting to keep the immigration debate at a full boil in hopes it helps Mitt Romney and hurts John McCain. Senator McCain is the single member of Arizona’s GOP delegation who is not an Arpaio loyalist, fact is they despise each other.

A Democratic victory in next Novembers election might consequence federal investigations into the Sheriffs political activities. Once the remaining alumni of Pat Robertson’s bible law and typewriter repair academy are booted from the justice department. The current assistant attorneys general will be replaced by folks who prosecute injustice rather then cover it up


A President John McCain would unquestionably spell doom for the Sheriffs political career. For the sake of appearance. A GOP nominated McCain would doubtless embrace Arpaio in Public. But like Fredo in the God Father, if McCain win’s the election there would be a political boat ride sooner or later.

At least that’s my View.   


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