Immaculate Deception
By Courtney J Webb

This is an amusing romp, in the Ugly Betty style with a touch of French farce, dealing with a priest, who isn’t really a priest, a bunch of Catholics clergy who don’t act very Catholic and emigration to Oz. While probably not the book for your older religious relative, it’s a terribly amusing look at hypocrisy.

Of course, there is a bit of redemption for the main character as well as a romance with someone sent to undermine him and expose him. There are all kind of machinations going on in an old folks home that is set to close to help a corrupt bishop get his trip to Rome. A pinch of Pom bashing in the old folks home reminds you its really Australian. Australian transvestites and lady-boys add the self-depricating element so needed in this kind of novel.

Its yet another one of those books that is terribly good fun and you don’t want to ruin the plot when reviewing it. While the book is 415 pages, it’s a quick read that never plods or bogs down. The fact it kept my attention while I read it on my Touch via PDF proof shows just how much I enjoyed it.

If you aren’t easily offended and like a good farce romp then this just might be the book for you. Let’s just say it’s the antithesis of a Dan Brown novel. There are sometimes in life when simple and a bit silly is just what the doctor, or Priest, ordered.

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