Okay, so it is an old joke…and if these guys have their way, even less funny. Now, on the one hand it seems out of place to use a physical ailment as the base of a joke. Then again, if we told the real joke everyone would be frightened out of their mind.
    At some point we have to have some level of trust in medical personnel, whether it is physical or mental. And the truth of the matter is that battles over semantics such as whether you address a disease by the title ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘dopamine dysregulation disorder’ just undermine that trust even more than it already has been.
    At some point people will note that the “solutions” often offered are just as bad as the initial problem. Flomax commercials are classic…they will fix problems with “going often…weak stream…” and other things that frankly, very few people think of, but Flomax promises to take that away…at the possible cost of your equilibrium and loss of blood pressure.
   In case you missed it, I will type that one again…loss of blood pressure…are you aware of what that can do to you?
    Sometimes I am not sure what amazes me more…what medical science has figured out and can do….or what they have not figured out yet.

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