Well, I have written stories after stories talking about the Iraq situation. I have felt my thoughts had laid on deaf ears. But tonight I was validated by Ted Koppel. During an interview, he spoke about everything I rant about. I thought maybe I was going crazy and what I knew to be true wasn’t. I feel relieved that someone smarter than me also has questioned our government

The question that I have now is, why aren’t there more stories in the media about our checker past, specific during the 80s, When, the United States allied with Saddam Hussein and helped his country get the weapons he used to kill thousands of Kurds? Did society forget the United States had a working relationship with the dictator? The United States supported Iraq during the Iraq and Iran war.

How can a country support unrest in a region and preach Democracy? Americans need to realize that to the rest of the world, our “hands” are not clean.

So before you say a person is talking crazy and not supporting our country, take a second to pick up a book or two and read what our country has been doing when the television cameras is off. You may be surprise to find that there is always more to the story.


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