OK, I’m a nearly 50 year-old white dude, so you won’t catch me trying to be “all that” with the kid’s Rap music. In fact, I hate the stuff (I was listening to Beethoven, Glen Miller, U2 and the Police today, if that helps pinpoint me?). HOWEVER… and this is a big one, too… I am compelled to pass on the latest tune from Mr. Bomani D. Armah, the self-proclaimed “not a rapper” rapper.

You may recall the last time Mr. Armah appeared in my work? He wrote a tune that appeared on BET TV called “Read a Mo F***ing Book”. It was a tune that featured Mr. Armah seeming to attack the thug lifestyle and telling black kids to read a “Mo F’ing” book, brush their teeth, wear deodorant and to raise their own children, etc. It raised quite a stir last year.

Since I wasn’t familiar with Mr. Armah’s work at the time, I was a bit puzzled by it all. I couldn’t be sure if he was denigrating the thug lifestyle and urging black Americans to better habits or what. I am now convinced that he was and he was doing so in the gutter language that he felt the kids would respond to. I cannot condone the language, but the sentiment is at least a good one. Personally, I can think of more upstanding ways to pass along a message of responsibility… but that’s just little old, un-hip me.

Well Mr. Armah is back with a new tune called “I’m A Grown Ass Man.”

View his tune at Youtube.com

Here he is telling young black men to raise their children, have grown up plans, and stop acting like punks. I have to say, it isn’t just a message for black kids, either. It is a message that every American male-child should hear and hear often, black, white or what have you. It is also one that they are not getting as often as they should, sadly.

Now, one thing is for sure. You can bet that the MSM will ignore this tune. They won’t want to be caught dead playing a tune that urges kids to grow up and act like a responsible men! It just ain’t the with it thing! (um… do they even say “with it” anymore?)

Anyway, I love the jazzy tune under the rap, too. I can’t help thinking of the work of Chick Corea when I hear it. There’s some good stuff there. All I can say is hear, hear. Good work Bomani D. Armah.

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