The Media was all a frenzy on the debate about gun control right after the VT killings cynically attempting to push their Constitutionally illegal gun banning ideas on a grieving public. But one Illinois County has bravely decided to make moves to protect their 2nd Amendment rights with action by the County Board.

The Pike County Board has adopted a resolution that will oppose any sort of gun control measures that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms adopted by the state of Illinois. A brave move in a state controlled by a gun grabbing, extreme left leaning Democrat Party orchestrated by a Mafia infested Chicago mayor who lately moves the State legislature around like a chess player.

Mayor Daley has been trying to manufacture gun banning laws for decades, but had been stymied by a state legislature with enough Republicans in it to throw a monkey wrench into his anti-Constitutional plans. But, since the 2006 election, the state has fallen under the spell of the Democrat Party which easily controls all aspects of the state. And Daley controls the Democrat Party, for the most part, as nearly all the members of state government in key positions are from Daley’s old Chicago cabal.

Pike County is apparently afraid of what this Democrat controlled government will try to do now that the state GOP has made themselves utterly ineffective. In a 7 to 2 vote, the County Board passed the resolution which is to be forwarded onto the state government in Springfield and the rest of Illinois’ County governments.

Perhaps it is catching on as neighboring Brown County has already adopted a similar resolution.

The Board overwhelmingly stated that they had become afraid that new gun grabbing legislation being proposed in the state capital would threaten their Constitutional rights. And in a County that depends on the hunting industry to bring in a much needed stream of revenue, the new ideas floating about the state legislature is a danger to the County. Not to mention the sheer unconstitutionality of it all.

“What we are trying to do here is protect rights we already have,” said board member Robert Kenady.

Pike-Adams Sportsmen’s Alliance President Richard Metcalf said, “This is about freedom. This is not a political issue. I’m not here as a conservative, a liberal. You’re not here as a Republican, a Democrat. We’re here as Americans.”

So, good for Pike County. Let’s hope that enough other Illinois Counties stand up for their Constitutional and natural rights that Mayor Daley is stymied in his illicit efforts once again.

Such a resolution is a perfect way to let the gun grabbers in the state legislature know how the grass roots, common citizens are feeling about their efforts. It is a great thing that Pike County isn’t just rolling over and allowing the state boys push them around.

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