I do not pretend to be an expert on the laws concerning phone intercepts, but I do not think it is legal to just go slap a tap on someones phone. Were this not so, there would not be a string of cases wending their way through the court system concerning the Bush Administrations use of Warrantless wire taps.

I was in absolute shock and horror when I read a press release this morning, this was not on some ‘hacker’ site, this was a mainstream Press Release published on one of the services that I subscribe to. The opening paragraph reads:

New spyphone software converts BlackBerry smartphones into spy phones with an incredible array of features. Parents, employers, and troubled spouses now have a powerful option for cell phone remote monitoring. One-of-a-kind voice call intercept (phone tap) has been added to the popular FlexiSPY BlackBerry software suite that already includes ‘spy call’ microphone remote control, GPS location tracking, SMS text message, email, and call log capture and archiving. The software has a 100% money-back guarantee; it is the smart choice for people wanting security and reliability.

But it gets better as you continue to read:

FlexiSPY PRO-X exclusive features include real-time voice call intercept and remote control to secretly turn on the phone microphone and listen to surroundings. Captured information even includes the name of the people from the phone’s contact address book. The cell phone spy software includes numerous data control and scheduling functions, accurate call duration, and email relaying to forward copies of target emails to selected email accounts.

It aslo points out that this little piece of wizardry can be purchased and downloaded online, and installs in minutes. The web site explains that the software is discreet and undetectable! It even offers some suggestions on how to use it, leave it in a meeting room and hear what is really going on! Perfect to keep an eye on your employers, or suspected cheating spouse.

Personally I would suggest that this is a perfect way to end up in a court room if you are discovered to be doing this.

It can also be configured in such a fashion that incoming and outgoing calls can be fully monitored in real time.

If it was April/1 I would have assumed that the press release was a spoof, but it is not.

I would love to get some professional opinions on this product, as I am sure it crosses the legal barrier to privacy in a huge way.

Simon Barrett

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