The Government does not have enough resources allocated for immigration and border enforcement. These two organizations have to be self sufficient by raising funds. The INS achieve this by raising fees, ICE on the other hand can impose huge penalties on employers who employ illegal immigrants.

They can fine banks which are providing loans to Illegals , big corporations who rent their apartments to Illegals, and employers who employ illegals. This way both INS and ICE can raise funds. INS or USCIS can provide good management of Immigrant system and ICE can enforce, fine and deport illegal immigrants.

It is not necessary to find a solution through new laws. The existing laws. if implemented correctly can bring excellent results. The Lobbyists and Lawmakers are just wasting their time trying to impose new legislation.

There will always be illegal immigration. Amnesty will pave way for yet more illegals. It will send a strong signal that US government can not do anything as it has provided amnesty to existing illegals,  and they would hope that new illegals will get amnesty down the line.

One solution might be to require a SSN and passport to open a bank account.  Even they were able to get a fake SSN by stealing it, they would not be able to get a Passport.

The bottom line, make it hard for illegals to live in US.


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