In Arizona, Illegal Immigrants are clogging the court system.  With all of the Illegal Alien criminals, border state courts don’t know what to do with rapists, bank robbers and murderers!  The courts are telling the Border Patrol to stop sending Illegal Immigrants into the court system, and to just send them back home, with no consequences or record of their criminal activity.

The city of Green Bay Wisconsin is taking a stand on stemming the tide of Illegal Immigration!  City leaders plan to start a city initiative that seeks to revoke licenses of businesses that knowingly hire Illegal Aliens and Illegal Immigrants.  Illegal Immigrants steal jobs that Americans at the lower economic scales would otherwise take, as employers fail to comply with wage laws when paying Illegal Aliens.
Not to be outdone, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against US Immigration and Enforcement.  In its suit, the ACLU alleges Nancy Alcantar, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement San Francisco field office director, and officers under her command violated the constitutional rights of the child of a detained Illegal Immigrant.
Finally, Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska, is seeking to give citizenship to Illegal Aliens already here, if they agree to pay a $2000 fine.  I didn’t realize US citizenship was so cheap.  Maybe Hagel and his Open Border Buddies should foot the bill for the destruction his non-US constituency is doing.

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