Attention – Due To Allegations of Plagiarism, This Article Is Highly Suspect

An ex-Army intelligence officer recently said, “We are under attack. And it’s not just Mexico. It’s all Central and South American countries. It’s India. It’s China. It’s most of the non-European world. And if we do not fight back soon, America will be third-world sewer within 30 years!.” 

America is currently being invaded from all corners of the world. Mexico. China. Africa. India. They all are invading and carving out their enclaves. And you know what? They are backed by big business and the American government.

A perfect case in point is India. The Indian Government and American corporations have been lobbying the US for more H-1B visas to allow Indians to move to the United States.

American companies use the H-1B to drive down American wages. An associate of mine who works for a high-tech company in California (whose name I cannot say for legal reasons) recently watched about 90% of his fellow American employees be fired from his company. They were replaced with H-1B imports from India, who were paid about one-third of what the Americans were making.

GW Bush has largely supported this H-1B invasion, portraying it as sound policy. He, however, and the mainstream media always fail to mention that large companies are using the H-1B to drive down wages whereby they fire American employees and replace them with low-paid foreigners. They also fail to mention that India has the largest Muslim population, the most terrorist cells, and now the most reported cases of HIV in the world.

At my friend’s high-tech company in California, within a few months of the firings, two of the Indian employees had already spread HIV to three Americans, three of the other Indians had known ties to terrorist cells in India, and the Indians would openly speak of “exterminating the European race.” Was any of this reported in the mainstream media? Of course not. Did any of these people serve jail time? Of course not. In essence, because of H-1B provisions, they have more rights than American citizens. Nor is this incident isolated.

As previously reported, I was at the airport recently in Los Angeles, and I could overhear the conversation of some younger Indians waiting for a flight from India. These youths were obviously raised in America, as they did not have accents, unlike their parents sitting next to them. The Indian youth, after debating their favorite rappers, began to discuss how recent DNA studies show that Indians are closely related to Sub-Saharan Africans. They then began to speak approvingly of India invading California, and went on to say that they should “wipe out all the whites.” Now, the parents, seeing that I was listening, lightly admonished the youth, not really because of what they said, but only because others could hear.

This is the norm all across America. After previously publishing my experience in the Los Angeles airport, I received many emails from patriots saying they had experienced very similar situations. 

And you know what? GW Bush and Condoleezza Rice just gave these people more nuclear technology.

The same ex-intelligence Army officer said to me, “This policy of giving nuclear technology to India is borderline treason. The motivating factor was big business, not national security. All of our intelligence has shown that now it is just a matter of when, not if, an Indian detonates a backpack nuke within the United States or sells one to a Mexican nationalist.”

And Bush has sworn to uphold the US Constitution? perduellio est communis!

If we don’t immediately lose our country via a backpack nuke, then we most certainly will lose our jobs and standard of living. Americans’ wages are dropping every year (adjusted for inflation) due to legal and illegal immigration. We are being ambushed from every angle.

Patriotic Americas had better wake up! We are under attack. Be vigilant and prepare! Stop the third-world invasion!

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