Ever since a runaway wood chipper broke free from a tractor trailer on April 13, 2006 killing a man and two of his triplets, the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement have been on the look out for poorly attached trailers. On Wednesday, a pick-up truck was pulled over at the Route 51 off-ramp around 8:00am when it was noticed that the trailer attached to the vehicle was not properly attached, and a chain was dragging on the ground. Inside, police found six illegal immigrants from Salvador and Honduras with false identification. The men were working for Verizon, hired by a subcontractor to install a plastic conduit underground, and then Verizon employees would insert the phone lines.

The men had attached the trailer, which contained a heavy spool of orange cable that encases fiber optic lines, with a rope, making it a potential hazard on the road and creating an alarming noise. The contractor who had hired the men claims to have no knowledge of their immigration status and said that neither company employs illegal immigrants. Six of the eight workers found in the truck were taken into custody to verify their status. Two men had legal temporary status in the country. The driver, who is from Honduras, was cited for not properly securing the trailer, having an expired license plate and registration, and driving without a license. Those who did have ID were under suspicion as to their validity. The men have been staying at a hotel in Bridgeville for a month and will not be working at Verizon anymore because of their illegal status.

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