The illegal dumping of the potentially deadly carcinogenic, asbestos, has led to three men being arrested in Polk County. This follows an investigation that revealed that asbestos contaminated construction debris had been dumped illegally into the Green Swamp. The arrests were announced recently by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

A joint investigation into the matter had been conducted by the Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Division of Law Enforcement. The investigation found that the local branch of an environmental clean up firm had dumped the contaminated debris into Green Swamp.

Officials involved in the investigation have said that they conducted a three week long investigation, after which they concluded that between the start and end of July the Winter Haven office of Florida Environmental Compliance Corporation Inc. illegally dumped at least forty three container loads of contaminated debris into the area.

According to reports since the arrests were made the firm has had to remove the dumped waste and dispose of it properly at its own expense, and has had to restore the area at the direction of the DEP.

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