With his New York Times blog post “If You Were a Terrorist, How Would You Attack”, freakonomist Steven D. Levitt whimsically speculates upon new and exciting ways to terrorize and kill innocent Americans.  He then invites readers to do the same.      
“Consider that posting them could be a form of public service,” encourages Levitt.  Right then.
 In that same spirit of public service, I give you, “If You Were a Leftist, How Would You Attack.”  Here we shall whimsically speculate upon new ways Lefties might discredit and derail American military progress in Iraq, thereby making it easier for terrorists to accomodate Mr. Levitt and company’s recommendations above.
 In less than a month, General David Petraeus will testify before Congress as to the efficacy of “The Surge.”  Despite the Islamaniacs unspeakably barbaric attempts to make it appear otherwise, the vast majority of evidence suggests that, at this juncture, the Surge is achieving its objectives.  For Lefties, deeply invested in all things detrimental to America, this is BAD NEWS.  Having made failure in Iraq a lynchpin for their success, success in Iraq will prove their lynch rope should it actually come to light.  For Lefties then, all efforts must be made to shut out that light.
 These efforts began in earnest moments after Bushie announced the surge last January, have continued throughout the summer, and are now ramping up in mid August.
 By way of whimsical speculation, however, I’m thinking more in terms of hit jobs on the honor and credibility of General Petraeus prior to his testimony.  We have already seen numerous stories linking him to the tragic death of U.S Colonel Theodore S. Westhusing and missing weapons in Iraq.  What next, saucy text messages to Mark Foley? Something to do with the resignation of Karl Rove?  Come on people, put your eye to the scope and think character-assassination.  For the sake of the Left’s survival, THIS MAN MUST BE STOPPED!   
 As Mr. Levitt says, “consider it a form of public service.”  
 August 16 is Cost of Defeat National Call Day .  Missed it?  Not an issue.  Click-Call-E-mail. The cost of defeat may be dearer than we know.   

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