Recognize the words? “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.” Sung by Jimmy Soul, Harry Belafonte, and the Coasters, the song held a message that a pretty wife could be nothing but trouble but an ugly one would serve you well and be loyal.

The current infatuation with Barack Obama sort of reminds me of some of the mistakes I have made in the past. Good looking, youthful, athletic, articulate, and breezing with platitudes of hope and promise, Obama reminds me of some of the poor choices made by many people who forget to look beyond the surface of an individual when choosing a partner of any kind. Choosing a president is sort of like choosing a spouse especially when the partnership affects so much of our lives. Our security, our finances, and our well being in general all depend on making a right choice with our presidential selection.

Having been married five times (I’ve been single now for ten years), I could either prove or disprove the pretty partner theory to my satisfaction. After all, all of my wives were/are beautiful (statement made to protect myself from future litigation).

It definitely behooves us as an electorate to look beyond the rhetoric and appearance of our candidates to determine the values, ideology, honesty, and record of the candidates to determine which one is going to serve us the best. After all, the presidential contract is a minimum of four years and affects all aspects of our lives. John McCain was a young good looking buck once too and maybe we should look back at what he was doing at Obama’s age. What were his accomplishments and values, and how has he done so far as a representative of the American people.

Let’s not be impulsive as it pertains to such a major choice and make our selection of president based on well thought out choices. If we want to be happy for the next four years of our lives, let’s pick some one who will protect, love, honor, and obey us as he leads us into prosperity and well being.

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