Canada is reputed to be bi-lingual, that is actually a misnomer. Quebec speaks French, everywhere else in Canada, English is by far and away the prominent language. Here in Alberta, Cantonese, German, or even Tagilag are just as prevalent as French. In fact speaking Chinese or Punjabi is way more useful than French!

We are however apparently a bi-lingual country. What does that mean? Well it means that any product you pick up at the supermarket has to be labeled in both English and French. This is a huge waste of money. Every government form has to be printed in both languages, again this is a huge waste of money, and a wanton destruction of the worlds rain forests.

In the latest bit of francophone nonsense, Alberta’s justice minister is reviewing a provincial court decision to strike down a 2003 traffic ticket issued to a francophone trucker because it was written only in English. Judge Leo Wenden ruled this week that Alberta’s Languages Act and Traffic Safety Act do not apply to Gilles Caron because they were not written in French.

This, in my mind is stupidity. If I, as an English speaker was given a ticket in Quebec would I be able to claim the Anglophone defense? The answer is a resounding NO.

In my opinion, the next time Quebec wants hold a vote about leaving Canada, we should all have a vote. I am pretty certain that the rest of us would pass the motion with an overwhelming majority. In fact I would bet a $100 that the only dissenting province would be Quebec! It is time to stop this nonsense. Alas, stopping it is hard, it is almost like Quebec has been designated as an endangered species by the World Wildlife Fund.

Gilles Caron should have learned to speak English if he wants to venture out of Quebec. What would happen if he was involved, or witnessed a crash? Why should we have to pay a translator? How does he book a hotel room, talk to the cops if he gets pulled over, or order breakfast at the truck stop?

I wrote an article about the Calgary Stampede last year, it was all about how much horse poo was created by the 850 horses in the parade, and you know what? Gilles Caron and his lawyers have created more poo than those horses.

Maybe what we need to do is set up a provincial border, and get people like Gilles Caron to sign a document stating that they can read English? Of course, in the path of friendship, Quebec could enact a reciprocal deal. That should bankrupt the province in about 24 hours. The only good thing I have ever seen come out of Quebec is the artery clogging dish called Poutine, for those of you not familiar with this delicacy, it is Fries, covered in cheese and gravy. Last time I checked it was not on the ‘Heart Safe’ list.

Simon Barrett

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