Vote counting chicanery is an old tradition in the U.S. Though it is largely hidden in the history taught in most public schools including, but not limited to universities and colleges, there is a long chain of elections involving graft, cheating, miscounts, uncounted votes, double counted votes, and dead people voting.
     Gus Russo in The Outfit (New York and London, 2001) went so far as to claim Kennedy won election largely due to non-existent votes in Illinois guided by the underworld. He did a pretty good job of showing illegitimacies such as Kennedy receiving more votes in some counties than the counties had registered voters.
    Of course, that was pretty far down the trail of questionable vote tallies as anyone who followed the story of Tammany Hall could tell you…or a strong Andrew Jackson believer or even, it could be argued, Aaron Burr. That takes us back to almost the foundation of our country under the Constitution after the Articles of Confederation proved unworkable.
    All this notwithstanding, confidence in the electoral process has never been less. Dionne is correct to point out it makes no sense for people to battle against more accurate, more provable means of tallying and protecting votes.
    As part of the voting populace, the responsibility lies with we the voters to ensure that if our representatives get in the way of a voting system that is accurate and with provable integrity that we vote them out of office and get people in office who will fight to protect the integrity of the system and restore voter confidence. It is to be hoped enough of us recognize the importance of this issue and vote now.

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