A Collection of Student Writing from Lester B. Pearson High School


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In a 9th grade Canadian high school class, teacher Michael Sweet challenged his students to express their views on a multitude of social injustices including war, politics, racism, and poverty.  Let no one underestimate this generation.  If: The Anthology buries the stereotypical idea that today’s teens are unable to look past themselves.  Using a variety of artistic mediums, including poetry, art, essays and drama, the students rose to the challenge to produce an incredible collection of works that evoke strong emotions in the reader.  

In the forward, Canadian artist, Alex Colville, writes “as a good realist, I must discover everything” and “the arts are really about discovery.”  The students capture both of these sentiments wonderfully, for within the pages of this book, lay the haunting truths of our world told with unique perceptiveness.  The collection teaches us that we are in this world together.  The misery that impacts one, should stir us all.  These students reach to the core of racism, domestic violence, war and other social injustices to bring readers to the place where they not only wonder why these events occur, but stirs them out of complacency to determine what can be done about it.  

Student writer, Michael-Josef Batelli, writes, “We watch/We know/We ignore/We fail (pg 16).”  These words remind us that if we each take one simple act a day to correct the injustices within our control, perhaps, we can make our world a better place to live.  If we only take a stand for what is right, what a positive impact we could make in our communities.  If we only determined that those around us were just as important as ourselves and treated everyone with dignity and respect, the potential of every human being would be incredible–if. 


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