Aaron Klein interviewed Middle Eastern Terrorist Leaders for “Schmoozing with Terrorists”

Released last fall, The Book Gave the Terrorists’ Views on America under Sharia Law

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Last October, a book which gave a glimpse of what America would look like under Islamic, or sharia, law.

It would be a much different looking country than what Americans are now used to.

It would also be a country in which those who raise their voices the loudest against the United States’ fight against Islamist terrorists would be the first to feel the ire of America’s new masters.

Beheadings, stonings and honor killings would be common-place if American ways weren’t changed–and changed in a hurry.

“Schmoozing with Terrorists” by Aaron Klein was the number 1 book on Amazon.com about the Middle East.

Klein, an ABC reporter who was banned from Syria because of his religion, conducted a series of interviews before the book came out with leaders of various terrorist organizations.

It’s extremely revealing what party and candidate the terrorists are all rooting for in the 2008 American elections.

Of the interviewed terrorist leaders, every single one of them said they hoped a Democrat becomes president in 2008.

Before the 2006 U.S. midterm elections, Klein conducted a series of interviews with senior Middle East terrorist leaders who urged Americans to vote for Democrats. al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades leader Jihad Jaara told Klein a Democrat win would ensure victory for worldwide jihad, explaining the Democrats policy of withdrawal from Iraq would “enhance the resistance.”

Klein also read to the terror leaders statements from prominent Democrats such as House minority leader Nancy Pelosi claiming a withdrawal from Iraq would end the insurgency there.

All terror leaders interviewed rejected the claim.

What else did the terrorists tell Klein? What would America under sharia look like?

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If the Terrorists Win: America Under Sharia Law 


If the Terrorists Win: America Under Sharia Law

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