The right wing Republicans at the National Review have an editorial saying “Newt Don’t Run”.

They point out his “negative” numbers are worse than Hillary Clinton’s, and they say in a primary he would take the votes away from “conservatives” who dislike Guilliani.

Well, there are lots of “conservatives” out there. I’m a BlueDog Democrat myself…and the dirty little secret is that what put the Democratic party “over the top” in the last election was not Move On and Nancy Pelosi but conservative Democrats like James Webb and Bob  Casey, Jr.

The toss up in the next election is this group of Democrats, who in the South are known as “blue dog” Democrats and in the North as “Reagan” Democrats”: Pro life, family oriented,  but in favor of a government safety net for times of trouble.

The press who has demonized Newt for political reasons doesn’t see the real reason we would never vote for him: Not only did he demonize Bill Clinton for his shennanigans while schtumping his own employee, but what is worse is that he divorced his own first wife when she was dying of cancer.

In other words, he lost the presidency thirty years ago by that one act. A man who deserts a dying wife has crossed the line, never mind if the marriage was dead and there is no love left. Dying women need support, and he wasn’t there for her.

Of course, this year, nearly every candidate has some sort of sexual baggage, but at least in Guilliani’s case it was his wife who threw him out when HE developed prostate cancer, resulting in his moving in with two gay friends. That will turn off the homophobic “christians”, but most who follow the gospel of Christ will recognize charity covers a lot of faults.
Which is precisely why Hillary is trying to get back the religious voter: expect her to continue talking about her religion after the primaries…just like her husband was photographed outside of church clutching a Bible during the Monica crisis.

Is HIllary religious? Yes, of course she is. But her religion is power: the wish for the power to do good, which means socialism/globalism and the religion of tolorance, which of course means intolorance for those who see things as black and white. But never mind. There are a lot of naive “children of light” who can easily be manipulated by pious church going rhetoric, and turned off by photos of a mayor in drag who refuses to condemn his gay friends.
So will the “religious” voter back Hillary with her pious church going  and overt love of doing good, or Guilliani with his divorces, gay friends and smart mouth? No contest.
My guess is that most Reagan Democrats will vote for Hillary, the left will siphon off votes for Nader, the more pious voters will simply stay home, and that Guilliani will be destroyed by a last minute smear attack.

Unless there is a major terrorist attack: if so, all bets are off. Let’s face it. If Reagan scared the Mullahs  so much that they gave back the Iranian hostages, imagine what would happen if they had to face down Rudy…

As for Newt, he lost the chance for president when he gave his dying wife the divorce papers.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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