Have you noticed the new fashion?

I predict it will soon become the rage.

You will be chastised, ridiculed and mocked if you do not fall into lock step.

If you want to be in vogue start using the word – progressive.  Get on this bandwagon now, because in the not to distant future you will be dismissed as a hate monger if you dare to use the dreaded L word.


With Sen. John Kerry claiming for himself the mantle of leader of the progressive movement, you can be sure that the sycophants that make up the national media will do their part to help Senator Kerry once and for all shed the horrifying cloak of liberalism.

You can also be sure that our new president and vice president will no longer have one of the most liberal voting records in the U.S. Senate – they will now have one of the most progressive.

As we watch. . .

Corporate Executives, Banks, Governors, Mayors and untold millions are waiting with bated breath as the progressives in Congress debate the next round of government handouts.  Certainly no one can say that using tax payer’s money to shore up union pension plans, or that creating 2.5 million make work jobs is a liberal idea.  And, don’t forget we can all use another stimulus check.  How progressive can you get?

So dear reader don’t be left behind, be apart of the inner circle.  Close your eyes, click your heels three times and repeat after me, “I do believe in Government Handouts, I do believe in Government Handouts, I do, I do, I do . . .

Open your eyes.

Presto!!  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are no longer liberals.
They are Progressives.

I think you will still have to hold on to your wallet though.


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