David Schussler

The new combined shite for brains leadership of Russia has brought international terrorism to an old level. Deciding that he didn’t like the competition and corruption of capitalism and freedom (since he couldn’t control it), Putin and his puppet Medvedev have reverted to the old form of governing that the former Union of Soviet Socialistic “Republics” began during the reign of Stalin and was used for years. Beat them over the head, take everything from them, tell them it feels good because it is best for them, then control every part of their lives including religion while you give them a little bit back enough for them to keep working to make you wealthy. That way everyone is equal and has what they need. It prevents people from coveting their neighbor’s stuff and all can be happy. NOT!

All it takes is an enormous military to subdue and then remain to control the populous. This is what the Russians are doing now in Georgia. The most important part of the plan internationally is for the Russian leadership to lie to the world about what they are doing. If they lie long enough, many will look the other way (after all where is Georgia and who are those people anyway, let’s not rock the boat, we have too many other things to think about like the price of gas, etc., etc.). Meanwhile those children that the Russians have shuttled away to propaganda schools as they did in Afghanistan in 1979-80, become sublimated into the new way of thinking and return to become the new clone sub-leaders of the new regime. This is common as in the Islamic jihad schools of Pakistan where the young Bin Laden jihadists have been trained for many years to kill Americans and believe it is in the best interests of the world and Allah.

August 3, 2008, Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs timeline report stated:
“The separatist government of South Ossetia begins evacuating civilians.
• At 12:00, the South Ossetian separatist government announces the evacuation of more than 500 people, including about 400 children. However, Ermak Dzansolov, deputy prime minister of Russia’s North Ossetian Republic, tells Russia’s Interfax news agency that this is not in fact an evacuation. He explains that the children had long planned to attend a summer-camp program in North Ossetia.”

If you ever read the Marxist-Hegelian theory of government you would see that the egg of democracy is being cracked prematurely by the Russians because the theory doesn’t work, as it doesn’t take into account the free will of people who want to become and remain free.

Frustrated with how long it takes for a democracy to fail, Putmedev is now implementing their plan for world domination. Take over the countries surrounding you, take control of the world energy sources like the oil pipelines through Georgia and Siberian oil (watch out for nuclear material dominance next), intimidate weak minded nations with threats of confrontation, aid and befriend other anti democratic nations whenever possible in order to control world organizations like the UN.

If this sounds familiar to you, then it is. It is a recycling of the Soviet government machine which can only be stopped by the free people of the world so let’s recognize it for what it is and not be afraid to condemn it, remember, “If it looks like a despot, walks like a tyrant, quacks like an assailant, it is!”

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