Made in where? American and European neighbor-made stuff is way too expensive, man. And we don’t even want to start talking about our unaffordable German “gold-plated” Qualitätsprodukte (quality products). Give me that el cheapo Chinese crap instead. Or at least that’s what one could think Germans are thinking when you look at some of the recent numbers on foreign exports to Germany.

China has passed by the US and Britain and is now the third largest exporter to Germany, representing 6.7 percent of all products imported into the country last year. Only France and Holland shipped more to the Germans, but not by much. Ten years ago China only accounted for 2.6 of overall exports to Germany. So wow. Hey, third place is third place.

And the magic number is three here, Germany. Enjoy all of those wonderful Chinese products with gusto. Or as long as you can, I should say, because China is also expected to overtake Germany as the world’s third-largest economy within the next few weeks. China’s economy exceeded all economic forecasts yet again (yawn) and grew at an amazing 11.5 percent (snore), up from the previous quarter, which was also double-digit, as usual (drool). Pretty eintönig (monotonous), the Chinese and their economy, don’t you think?

But hey, fourth place is fourth place, Germany. And winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing (if you’re Chinese, that is). So see ya down there soon, know what I’m sayin’, my fellow Americans?

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