nameofgod-cathedral_i.jpgThe sculpture in this image (of a pregnant woman nailed to a cross) is currently being displayed at the Lutheran Cathedral in Copenhagen. That would be Copenhagen, Denmark. That would be the same Denmark that was victimized by outraged Muslim mobs after the publication of the allegedly offensive Muhammed cartoons. That would be the same Denmark that, to my knowledge, hasn’t been forced to deal with rioting, burning and pillaging Christian mobs outraged at the denigration of their Savior. Gee, I wonder why that is? Could it be that Christians of the 21st century are not thinking and acting as though they were in the 9th century?

Do you apologists appreciate the freaking difference between these religious “cultures”?

As an aside, the artist is hoping to fan a global debate about religious influence on the world’s contraception and sexual policy. In so doing, he lumps together both Pope Benedict and President Bush because of their “grotesque claims” that God bans contraception. [Editor’s note: the only grotesque thing here is the sculpture itself]

I’m not really sure President Bush has much influence on the world’s contraception and sexual policy, but any time you are paired with a man like Pope Benedict, you must be doing something right.

[This article can also be found at Release the Hounds!]

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