Tom Fragala announced on his blog that “Truston received a 2008 Product Innovation Award from Network Products Guide for our myTruston Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.”

Tom is a well known blogger on the subject of identity theft, was really a victim himself and has spent a lot of time advocating for victims.

He quoted Networks Product Guide as saying:

“Truston’s innovative SaaS platform offers an organized approach to getting a stolen identity back and keeping it safe.

myTruston is the only ID theft product that does not require sensitive data, is the only SaaS product in the space, supports virtually all fraud types, has unlimited content extensibility, is built on a patent-pending task management engine and allows for seamless integration with partner’s web sites.”

Truston is a platform that allows the individual to protect themselves and recover from identity theft without handing over their personal and financial information. Many of their competitors maintain this information in databases, which seem to be compromised, frequently.

Some of them also require you sign a power of attorney to use their service.

In fact, there is so much compromised information out there, no one is really sure how much there is. Finjan, a noted computer security company, has recently been finding crime servers containing a lot of stolen information that no one knew had been compromised before. Ironically, the owners of these crime servers didn’t even bother to password protect them in certain instances.

Despite this, we read about known data breaches all the time.

This isn’t the first award Truston has received from the Technology industry and I suspect it won’t be the last.

The neat thing is that if you are reading this post, Tom is still offering a free 45 day trial. Of course, the protection part always has been free.

If you would like to try the services for free, click here.

Recently MyTruston created a partnership with Identity Force and their platform is now being used by government agencies. These include the Department of Veterans Affairs, FEMA, US Coast Guard, Transportation Safety Administration, and Department of Energy.

While identity theft is a growing problem and no one can protect themselves 100 percent, MyTruston offers a platform to do so that is at least as good (if not better) than anything else in the industry. If you see advertising for an identity service that is 100 percent bulletproof, I recommend exercising the sage principle of caveat emptor (buyer beware) before shelling out your hard-earned money.

The reason I say better is that it was built on principles that protect privacy and by an individual that wanted people to “trust” his product.

If you would like to learn more about MyTruston, their site has a FAQ page that answers a lot of questions.

Press release on this latest award, here.

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