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At age 19 an Israeli criminal hacker named Ehud Tenebaum made news as “The Analyzer”, (great tag for a criminal hacker) after he cracked and penetrated the Pentagon, NASA and even Hamas computer networks. tenebaum

He then went silent and is believed to have embarked on a 10 year long international conspiracy to hack networks of United States and Canadian banks and other financial institutions. Losses are estimated at $10-12 million.

The Analyzers hacking technique is believed to be a previously blogged tactic “SQL injection” that exploits vulnerabilities in software development.

Forensic analyst who investigated breaches occurring in both countries found a common thread in each hack. Servers in Virginia owned by HopOne an ISP, were used as a routing point receiving their commands from another set of servers from a Dutch hosting company.

Here’s where Big brother is watching, and in this case, for good reason.

Last Spring US investigators working with Dutch authorities requested wiretapping of all data traffic from the Dutch servers on route to Virginia be intercepted and provided to authorities.

During this time criminal hackers from all over the world used the stolen data to create ATM white cards and prepaid gift cards loaded with cash and withdrew cash from ATMs on 3 continents to the tune of approximately $450,000.

According to Wired news in this tap contained and email address in which investigators found their smoking gun; discussion among numerous criminal hackers discussing their accomplishments. The hotmail address had Ehud Tenebaum name and age registered along with it. Not to smart ET.

ET owned and operated a Canadian computer security company called Internet Labs Secure. One of the IP addresses used to access the hotmail account were registered to ETs business. ET phoned home and got et caught.

This is one example of high tech organized criminals taking advantage of numerous flaws in the technology we use every day.

Be warned, there are plenty more to take ETs place. Chances are someone moved right in where he left off.

Invest in identity theft protection. Install and update antivirus such as McAfee. Check your bank and credit card statements bi-weekly online and make sure to refute unauthorized charges within a 30-60 day period.

I’m excited to work with uni-ball in 2009 in a partnership to help raise awareness about the growing threat of identity theft and provide tips for protecting yourself. Check out for more information.

Identity Theft Speaker Robert Siciliano discussing credit card hacks here

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