BloggerNews has learned the identity of an anonymous author at the investment website, who has written a lengthy and misleading article supporting Sessa Capital in its bizarre attempt to launch a proxy fight at Ashford Hospitality Prime.  The author, whose anonymous name is “Hedge Fund Insights”, was revealed in a conversation with a source who spoke directly to the author.

You can read what’s up with Sessa Capital and its fraudulent proxy fight with Ashford Prime here.  Briefly, a non-activist hedge fund (Sessa Capital) with absolutely no material experience in hotel management or ownership has taken an activist position in Ashford Prime (NYSE:AHP) and is trying to take over the company to force a below-market sale.

“Hedge Fund Insights” is the anonymous avatar for 25-year-old Wilson Zhi Yi Wang, the co-founder of Twin Peaks Capital, LLC, based in Honolulu, HI.  He claims to have $47 million under management, although other sites claim far less.


BloggerNews has always been skeptical of “investment writers” at SeekingAlpha who are anonymous.  Why be anonymous?  What are they trying to hide?  Wilson Wang, as a hedge fund manager, should want to have his name known to everyone.  After all, if Wilson Wang is a terrific manager, then Hedge Fund Insights does him no good.  Wilson Wang should just admit he is at Twin Peaks Capital, and take the credit and blame when it is due.

Of course, of even greater interest is Wilson Wang is only 25 years old.  That’s not to say that one must have a certain amount of experience in the stock market or with given companies to be successful.  On the other hand, Wilson Wang of Twin Peaks Capital appears to have even less experience in hotels and hospitality than Sessa Capital does.  We find no evidence that Wilson Wang has ever written about, or opined on, any hospitality company while at SeekingAlpha.  We find no record of Twin Peaks Capital owning any hotel asset in large enough quantity to mandate a 13F filing.

Which brings us to a big question:  Why is Wilson Wang shilling for Sessa Capital?  It is either because he is being paid to do so (we have no evidence of this, to be clear), or because his youth and inexperience undermines a clear understanding of the hotel business.

Why Wilson Wang of Twin Peak Capital fancies himself an expert on hotels, Sessa Capital, or Ashford Prime eludes us.

We have more to share about Wilson Wang of Twin Peaks Capital.  Stay tuned.


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