Yesterday, I posted this tongue in cheek cartoon from the Cheezburger site about the Republicans on my personal blog:


Yup. Non emotional dour Vulcans are the new Republicans.

But at a time when the economy is in trouble, is letting someone who can logically analyze the details of a complicate budget bill have a chance to turn things around?

the videos on the PJMedia Tattler site suggest that it is worse:

Like Spock, Ryan doen’t just call their claims illogical, but he then goes on in details exactly why it is illogical:

So I suspect that you guys in the US will now hear ad after ad on TV that the evil Republicans are planning to kill grandmom.

Except, that idea won’t fly if Grandmom reads Drudge, who posts:

Obama Campaign Defends President's $700 Billion Cuts to Medicare...

Yeah, I know about it from my AMA and AAFP newsletters, but I don’ t know if it has been discussed in the US press.

The right wing blogs are all in ecstasy about the choice (on the other hand, they’d be in ecstacy if the choice was Beelzebub, so what else is new).

The depressing part was the inane response by the left.

Here is the Hill: Democrats are gleeful because he is a “radical”:

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina asserted in a statement that the new vice presidential candidate and Romney shared a “commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy, while placing greater burdens on the middle class, will somehow deliver a stronger economy.”…
“I haven’t been this happy waking up since I was 12 and got a BMX for Christmas,” said one top Democrat working for an outside group that is helping to reelect Obama. “The Romney-Ryan plan is a complete crystallization of the two visions for this country. The Republicans: tax cuts for millionaires and ending Medicare as we know it; and the Democrats: growing a strong middle class.”

Uh, we heard those charges before. MEGO: My Eyes Glaze over.

So exactly what is the Democratic party plan to fix the economic problems?Anyone? Anyone?

Place gay marriage on their party platform, and call everyone to the right of Barney Frank an extremist seems to be the talking points right now.

Except that Romney, despite being a strict Mormon, did manage to live with Gay marriage in Massachusetts.

The Nation has it right:

 Romney will top the ticket. But Ryan is more than a running mate. He is the defining figure for the Republicans from here on out—a development that delighted Democrats who could not quite decide whether the word “radical” or “extreme” better described the ticket. That defining will go way beyond issues of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. On every issue that you can imagine, from reproductive rights to environmental protection to labor rights, Ryan stands to the right. Way to the right.

Yes, but that isn’t a danger: it’s an advantage. Think “good cop/bad cop”.

Romney, with his lack of homophobia and his support for universal health care, is in trouble with his conservative base, so chose a man who will solidify his economic credentials.That could be bad news for Democrats. If “only Nixon can go to China”, then maybe only a conservative Romney can get a health care plan that will give universal coverage for major hospital bills without breaking the budget.

As for jobs: Having a person who knows business from the inside will mean being able to devise a more business friendly environment than the present administration.

People who are out of work, or who have family members out of work, want jobs, not handouts.  The “Republican war on gay/families/old people/women” is rhetoric that no one really believes, but most folks figure that Romney will get businesses who went “John Galt” to start hiring people again.

If the next election is about jobs, then the Democrats will lose, because both Romney and Ryan are business friendly. That alone means Obama is in trouble.

As for Ryan, the best comment can be found at this humor site:

IOWAHAWK: “Paul Ryan represents Obama’s most horrifying nightmare: math.”


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She is a Democrat.

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