There are millions of blogs out in public and on the Internet so it can be extremely challenging to cut through all the noise and get noticed. The bright side is that there are several different ideas that exist for how you can make your blog stand out.

Let your passion for your topic and blog be the reason you keep going and don’t give up although it can be challenging to grow it. Continue to experiment with various options to quickly figure out what works for you and what doesn’t so you know where to spend the majority of your time.

Focus in on A Specific Niche

Trying to blog about a lot of different topics is challenging enough for you and even more confusing for your readers. What you want to do is focus in on a specific niche and topic, so you’re eventually viewed as the expert in this area. This way you’ll be able to target and attract a specific audience as well and avoid coming off as having too broad of a blog. Stand out when you can and build your case for why people should listen to you about a particular subject matter. Gain and build trust when you’re true to who you are and portray authenticity through your writing. Eventually, your audience will come to view you as someone who knows what they’re talking about and will look forward to reading your new material.

Have A Professional Looking Website & Logo

It’s not a wise idea to simply hurriedly put together a website, launch it and call it your blog. Spend time creating a professional looking platform and logo that you can be proud of. The good news is that you can learn more about what fonts to use and take advantage of with an easy-to-use online platform such as DIY Logo. You’ll be able to create an eye-catching brand image for yourself even without having any design skills. Your site is more likely to stand out when you carry yourself like a business would and show that you’re serious about your project and making a name for yourself.

Use Engaging Headlines & Tell Stories

There’s a lot of various content floating around on the Internet, and that means it’s going to be even more challenging for you to get clicks. What you can do is create engaging headlines and article titles that draw people in. Also, don’t simply put words on a page and call it a blog post, but instead tell stories and paint a picture for your audience about what it is you’re trying to convey. Developing high-quality content should be your number one priority and is what will help you to stand out among the crowd.

Join Online Blogging Communities

One way to create more buzz about yourself and your site is to join online blogging communities. This is a great opportunity for you to share your latest posts, engage with other bloggers and get tips and tricks for how you can improve. There will likely be specific days of the week designated where you can promote your blog and drum up interest in what you’re doing. Observe and ask questions to help you improve and continue learning what it is you could be doing better. It’s a very productive way to spend your time, and you’ll appreciate the immediate support and connections you make with other bloggers.

Host Interviews & Work with Guest Bloggers

In order for your blog to stand out, you have to be willing to take risks and be a little different. One way to do this is to host interviews with high profile people and invite guest bloggers who are experts in your topic to contribute to your site. It’s a wise idea to mix up your content once in a while and not simply keep turning out the same kind of posts day in and day out. This is also your chance to get links back to your website and include links to other blogs on your site. Add visuals to your content and keep it fresh and you should have no problems standing out.

Share Content on Social Media

Social media is where many people are spending their time these days so you should be there too. Create pages on the various social media platforms that represent your blog and share content and engage with your audience daily. Highlight your latest posts, propose questions and ask for feedback to help keep your pages interesting and intriguing. In addition, make sure you have social share buttons included on your blog so that your audience can easily distribute the posts they enjoy reading to their networks. This is when your catchy titles and headlines are going to come in handy so that you grab the attention of readers and they click to your site.

Be Consistent

The most important part about managing a blog is that you’re consistent in what you do. Avoid randomly posting here and there and not being present on a regular basis to answer comments your audience posts. What will help you stay organized and on top of your blog is to create a content calendar you can follow, so you’re always coming up with new blog posts to share with your audience. Disappearing for months at a time will cause your readers to quickly lose interest in your blog and make it harder for you to stand out from the others. The more present you are, the better chance you have at retaining regular readers and attracting new viewers.


While having your own blog is a fun project, it can also be quite frustrating if you don’t have any regular visitors. Make your hard work worth it by implementing these ideas for how you can stand out from other bloggers and sites. Set goals and track your progress, so you know what’s working and can continue doing more of that going forward. The most important aspect is that you continuously update your blog and keep producing relevant and timely content.

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