With the day that will live in infamy in Apple’s eyes, consumers are going absolutely hysterical over Apple’s new baby. The details are still rolling in about the iPhone and other related products to go along with the iPhone and I’m sure even more will be revealed after those waiting in line get their iPhone, but let’s start with today’s details and where we stand currently.

#1. AT&T’s possible renovation of their cellular EDGE network. Apple has been criticized for not putting in a 3G compatible chipset in the iPhone so users can get broadband-like speeds on their iPhone, comparable to Verizon and Sprint’s EVDO network. Before these couple weeks, people have complained that the speeds of EDGE that they were getting would simply translate into a horrible experience when using the fully-capable Safari browser. Now MacRumors, along with Engadget and HowardForums users, are reporting that they are seeing a boost in download speeds on EDGE. There were rumors going around that AT&T would increase the speeds due to pressure from Apple, and it’s not clear whether this is just a temporary speed boost or a permanent speed boost.

#2. Ringtones on the iPhone. This is still a rumor, but due to the fact that the images are in the iTunes’ 7.3 update, we can almost confirm this. Apple will allow you to put your own ringtones onto your own iPhone. According to Engadget Mobile, a user, and they also confirmed this as well, told them that in the directories for the iTunes program, that there is a GIF file titled “Ringtone.gif” and the image clearly shows the possibility of adding ringtones, due to the fact that the logo is a bell, an image widely recognized as a ringtone symbol on most phones. The pricing, if any, is unclear, and no details regarding whether you will be able to use your existing songs as a ringtone, or whether you will be forced to download them from the iTunes Music Store.

#3. Apple’s Accessory Line. One of the first accessories for the iPhone released by Apple is their own Bluetooth headset that announced alongside the iPhone back at MacWorld 2007. The headset has a rated talk time of 5.5 hours and a standby time of 72 hours. It will include a dock that will both synchronize and charge the iPhone as well as charge the bluetooth headset. The dock, if it were not included with the headset, would cost $49. There is also a travel cable that will plug in to the bottom of the iPhone and also has a slot to plug the headset in, with a USB cable leading either to a USB Wall adapter, or your computer. A side-note, some accessories, such as some FM transmitters, may not work with the iPhone properly, causing the cellular radios to shut off due to the possibility of interference.

#4. The possibility of a 3G-capable iPhone for European networks. Guy Kewney of Newswireless is reporting that Apple has struck a deal, or at least close to, with European mobile carriers Vodafone and T-Mobile, as well as Carphone Warehouse as the MVNO, also more typically known as Pay-As-You-Go carriers. The announcement is expected to come Monday. Engadget Mobile is doubting this report because “do you really think Apple will provide Europe a 3G iPhone before the end of the year and not release it in the US at the same time?” It would make sense that the possibility is there because 3G networks are far more widespread in Europe than here in the United States.

And to end it with a humorous ending.

#5. Authority waiting in line for their iPhone. Engadget Mobile is reporting that Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street was spotted waiting in line at an Apple Store for his chance to get an iPhone. While they reported that he was there, they later updated that he left his spot and someone has taken the spot. No word yet on whether he will return.

There will be much more news later on in the day to go along with the release as more details come in.



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