Generally politics is a boring subject. But this Republican debate by the would be Governor’s of Idaho is a must watch. The two ‘suits’ are boring, but the Biker and Farmer make the show worthy. Hell they should have sold tickets to it. Biker Harley Brown and farmer Walt Bayes steal the show.

I’d vote for either of them! They are both magic. No BS about policy, just good old stupidity. It was so good I watched it twice.

I doubt that Harley Brown nor Walt Bayes stands any chance in the race to become governor but they are entertaining.

It is hard to even keep a straight face. These two guys have a great career ahead of them on the comedy channel.

They manage to mostly avoid any real questions, Harley Brown (biker) was wearing his colors and managed to explain that if elected he would stop the cops picking on bikers! When asked about how he would govern Idaho “hey fiddle diddle right up the middle”.

This is the best debate I have ever seen.

Of course neither Harley Brown or Walt Bayes have a cat in hells chance of winning, but they are fun to watch. Enjoy this fabulous excursion into politics. At 20 minutes it might seem a little long, but it is worth every moment.

Simon Barrett

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