… myself in the position of protesting media treatment of James Dobson, whom I dislike intensely — but, really, this linkage of Dobson with Ted Haggard is just wrong.  Here’s yet another example, this one from the Sunday Times.

Jones said he decided to come forward after Haggard campaigned for amendment 43 in Colorado, which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. “He’s preaching against homosexuals and yet he’s having gay sex,” Jones said.

Haggard has advised the White House on evangelical matters and is a friend of James Dobson, a highly influential conservative Christian leader. Dobson said he was “heartsick” and urged Christians to pray for Haggard this weekend.

Now, how on earth does mentioning Haggard’s friendship with Dobson advance the story?  Answer: It doesn’t.  It’s really just an underhanded device for smacking-around Dobson with Haggard’s hypocricy and all-around awfulness.

This time — though it doesn’t happen nearly so often as Dobson’s whining invites the gullible to believe — he really is getting a bad rap.

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