It appears that this Chicago based comedian and author has hit it big in Canada. I reviewed Ian’s book last January, and I enjoyed God Is A Woman, this is a very amusing look at Ian’s adventures in the dating world, most of which go really badly wrong. I could not wait to interview this guy, who by his own admission was a huge klutz when it came to ‘women 101’, he had a lot of interesting things to say during the interview.

Of course like many interviews a couple things ended up in the recycle bin, and it was those items that bothered me a lot. I interview many authors and most first timers share an unspoken dread of the pain and suffering that bringing a book to reality has to be endured. From editors, to agents, to publishers, to publicists every turn in the road has a block in it. Ian Coburn is different to most authors, he just plowed ahead anyway. Failure was not in his vocabulary. In a very surprising move he even agreed to collaborate on his odyssey, most authors would shy away for fear or trouble with the next project.

Ian had no doubts in his mind that he had a great book, he also had no doubts that he was going to have to work hard to get it noticed. With just under 300,000 new titles every year, it is hard to get your message noticed.

Well Ian Coburn has succeeded, not yet in his home country, but he has scored a #1 in the humor section of, and a pretty high ranking in Europe.

Oh, and I should also point out that he is a writer for us at Bloggernews!

Way to go Ian!

Simon Barrett

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