If you are a regular reader of Blogger News Network (BNN) you might recognize the name Ian Coburn. I had the pleasure of reviewing his new book God is a Woman, and also interviewing him. BNN had the excusive!

God Is A Woman is a very funny book, and it is written by a very funny author.

My review and interview ended up in syndication and was featured on a number of very high profile regional sites www.nola.com and www.cleveland.com being just a couple of them.

Ian was very happy and sent an email telling me that a number of Radio and TV Stations had called him in regard to his book.

Today I received another email. WGN Chicago (one of the big cable stations) interviewed him about God Is A Woman, better still, the interview is available online.


The moral of the story? Sharpen your pencils and become a writer for BNN. We are always looking for new writers.

I know Ian Coburn will read this article. Hey Ian, would you like to write a couple of stories for us?  Huh Huh?

Simon Barrett





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