Yes, I am proud to announce that one of our very own writers here at BNN is much more than just a music reviewer! This guy gets around! It turns out that he has his own band ‘Growing Old Disgracefully’ that has the catch phrase ‘old enough to know better… too young to care’! They have just pressed an EP, and I am hoping to get to review it soon.

Of course someone of Andrew’s style is not happy merely deviling in one milieu, he also has a book out, Mainely Romance.

One would think that between music and writing he would have little spare time for anything else, but that is not true. The crowning achievement to date has to be his latest excursion into the world of politics and videography.  Ian has produced an advert for one of the people running for Mayor of London.

You can watch this, actually very professionally produced (by Andrew) video on YouTube.

All I can say is, you never know what you are going to find next amongst the fabulous writers here at BNN. Oh, and when you read this Andrew, congratulations on getting married, your wife is obviously a very understanding lady!

Simon Barrett 

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