By Lamarana Jallow, Son of The Gambia.

Dear Mr. Editor,

I was present when the President ordered for the arrest and detention of David Colley, the Commissioner of Prisons. You must have received the email I sent you earlier announcing the news of their arrest well before the Daily Observer picked up the story. I’m  an embedded Freedom Newspaper fan here at the State House in Banjul and would keep you posted about Jammeh’s movements before his final fall, which is nearing. More arrests would be effected according to what Jammeh told me during our private meeting. He is very, very  angry at this hour. He is the least happy about Colley’s move to document the departure of the late Daba Marena, Lowe and others. I spoke to David Colley few minutes before his arrest. “Yes, we recorded the time and date Daba Marena and four others were escorted out of the prison. This has been the practice sine time memorial. I don’t know what all this  noise is about.“ Colley told me before our men went to pick him up. I then informed him to get prepared since there was an arresting task force detailed by the President to get him arrested. The President was mad when he read on your paper that Colley recorded the time Daba and others were escorted out of the prisons. Prison records here revealed that Major Musa Jammeh, the late Captain Tumbul Tamba, Sana Manjang and other state guards, whose names I would preserved for now came for the detainees that early morning to escort them to the execution ground. These records are in our hands. The venue for the execution have also been established, but for security reasons, we don’t want to put all our cards on the table. Jammeh would be greeted by  rude shock for the rest of  his life when some of the classified files are declassified here at  the Freedom Newspaper. Last week, I declassified the files involving Peter Singhatey, Edward Singhatey  and Assan Sarr. He responded by arresting David Colley. I’m not suggesting by any means that Jammeh is trying to distract the attention of the army from such revelations, but what is clear is that Lamarana Jallow has been giving him a lot of nightmares. Let Jammeh makes no mistake to arrest Peter Singhatey, as this might cost him his Presidency. Peter has a  strong following in the army. The boys would rather die for Peter than  that butcher Jammeh. That I can confirm. Let him try it and see what’s going to happen in Banjul.

My fellow Gambians, when I started exposing BB Darboe, my former Comrade Lt.Colonel Sam Sarr and Jawara some myopic minded Gambians thought that I was out to settle old scores with these folks. As far as the majority silent Gambians are concerned, the above named folks are insignificant at this hour, since our quest for Gambia’s liberation is concerned.

That said, it’s  now President Jammeh’s own turn. I have taken an oath to keep official secrets, but what is  happening in this country today is unacceptable to say the least. My conscience cannot allow me to bury these classified files under the carpet. Since President Jammeh has taken the killing line, we must warn our men in uniform and the Civilian population ahead of time before this blood thirsty dictator finish killing our people.

Today, President Jammeh would be shocked to read online about his sinister plans to kill Musa Jammeh, Sana Manjang and all those who participated into the killing of Daba and co. This might sound strange and surprising  to his loyalists, but it’s a true story. The idea for such a move was to destroy all traces of evidence that might identify the killers of Daba and Co. Jammeh had good plans ahead, but what comes to mind is that how  long would he continue to kill  only to conceal evidence of his secret killings against our people. Whether in the short term or the long term, Jammeh is posed to go ahead with his plans. He is very confused at this hour. Already, some GAF top officials who were not in the picture regarding the killing of these detainees are  very angry. Daba, Lowe’s and Co’s  death is a common conversation in our offices. Everybody is mad with Jammeh!! Even his close protection officers are worried that they might as well suffer the same fate one day, taking into account how he treated Daba and others.

Like, other African despots, Jammeh too is trying employ such tactics to end the lives of  Musa Jammeh and others. The time and date for such an operation has not be revealed yet, but plans are afoot for the said operation. A new batch of  Jammeh killers are being recruited to succeed these people. I can name names if I want to, but for tactical reasons, we shall  leave Jammeh in suspense. I used the word  we because, the information I’m supplying to the Freedom Newspaper is from different sources in government. I happened to me their main contact person to expose these files before Jammeh’s fall. We are providing these information to the Freedom Newspaper for free of charge.

During David Colley’s interrogation, no one here denied that Daba and Co were summarily executed. Colley was blamed for documenting the names of the soldiers who came for the detainees. He was very honest when he was asked to write what he knew about the prison logs. He repeated what he told me on the phone. Colley made certain revelations during the interrogation sessions, which interest some intelligence minds.  He said he was in constant touch with Boy Harry Sambou during the period in question. He also confirmed talking to Lang Tombong Tamba. Perhaps, Lang Tambong Tamba and Boy Harry instructed him to do what he did so that Jammeh can be indicted once he is out of the state house.

Pa Jallow of the NIA should be very careful. This is a Jolla affair and he should know his dos and donts as far as David Colley’s case is concerned. Pa is just a caretaker DG. He is not in charge. His Deputy is directing most of these arrests you are hearing. The President communicate to us before talking to Pa Jallow. He  sidelined Jallow all the time.  Pa’s responsibilities are limited. It’s better for him to call it quits before he would be sacked!!!

David Colley happens to be a Jolla, who came from the same village with President Yahya Jammeh. It’s no secret here that David Colley is from Kanilai. His parents welcomed President Jammeh’s  Father when he migrated into the the Gambia. Jammeh came to Kanilai when he was pretty young. He might soon start connecting the dots as to who is Lamarana Jallow.

As I said earlier, I have access to HE. I know the security officers assigned to him. They complement me each time we met on the State House steps in the morning. They also dare disobey my commands. Lamarana Jallow is my pen name. I’m not a Fulla as widely bandit by my critics. When the new Gambia knock on your door steps, I will come in the open to reveal my true identity. For now,  let leave it  like that.

The President is not a happy man. His wife gave him hard time all the time. With all his bluff, the first lady treats  him like a kid. On many ocasions, we have to intervene to stop the first lady from leaving the state house. Jammeh developed his smoking spree due to stress related matters. He smokes like hell. Each time, he appeared on TV threatening Gambians, know that something is bothering him at his matrimonial home.

The secret killing of Daba Marena and co has been a top security secret here. Not all officers in the armed and security forces are privy to the gruesome murder of these folks. It was a well planned operation. David Colley acted based on the information given to him by Major Musa Jaammeh  and his men. Colley and co were made to believe that Daba and four others were being escorted to the Janjangbureh prisons, when in actual fact that was their last day in life. The license plate for the vehicle and the soldiers who came for the detainees were recorded. Colley did a good job by keeping these records for posterity.

I was busy attending a morning security briefings, when I received a phone call on my Africell Cellular phone from a colleague of mine. He explained to me that the President was mad with a top member of the agency. This was in the person of Foday Barry. Bary was accused of declassifying the murder of Daba and others by the state guards. At the time, family members were increasingly worried about the fate of their loved ones. Ngoor Secka was also implicated for compromising state secrets as they called it. I must admit that they nearly arrested me, but thanks to a  senior army official they changed their mind. Foday and I are good friends. He is in jail, but I’m here to document things during his absence.

I  immediately drove to the state house, where HE was having meeting with Lang Tombong Tamba, Musa Jammeh, Harry Sambou, IGP Sonko and others. At that meeting, the President made it loud and clear that wanting officers would “pay for the price” just like in the case of Daba and others. It’s unfortunate that Daba Marena and co are dead, but President Jammeh has been the principal suspect. He coordinated the operation for their murder.

Gambians are yet to understand how Jammeh operates. He uses his killers before killing them. Daba Marena too has his own bad story. He was instrumental in the murder of Deyda Hydara. Daba’s boys at the NIA and some state guards murdered Hydara. Daba has long been used by Jammeh for his dirty games. Even if Jammeh was out of power today, it would be difficult to trace some of the killings he sponsored because most of  his hit men would be unavailable by then. He kept on recruiting knew killers each time he eliminated the ones he felt had outlived their usefulness.

As an embedded official, I was able to document most these revelations. I will continue to document Jammeh’s crimes against the state, as long I have the strength and breathe to  carry out my task. This is not about betraying oath of secrecy, but love for one’s country. I love my country to the bottom of my heart. I would rather sacrifice Jammeh, than the Gambia. I’m also aware of the of the risk that goes with exposing such classified files for public consumption. I’m ready to face the risk. Cowards die many time before their actual time of death and Lamarana Jallow is not a coward. We are here right  before Jammeh’s  face  to say what we wanted. He complains to me by mistake, not knowing that I’m the famous Lamarana Jallow. Sir,  when we will you get me?  I bet by the time, you arrest me, you too would  be caged at Baba Jobe’s hotel.  Arbaraka Bandirabeh. Heckawailaye. Hackundemalla.

Posted on Sunday, June 10, 2007 (Archive on Sunday, July 08, 2007)
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