I think you are wrong editor Jabang-says Ex-Soldier Lamin Dibba
By Lamin Dibba, EX  Gambian Soldier

I have also been following the the debate between Rtd COl.Sarr and Lamarana.I was a junior officer when the July 22nd coup took place.I am just wondering where Mr Jabang was with all due respect when the coup speeches were read.I know for sure not all the council members were capable of writing that speech.I dont think Swaebou Conateh was forced to write the speech at gun point because I know Col Sarr can definately write it.

If any of you were following the Strasser coup in Sierra Leone,The speeches were almost identical.The way the council members were talking and behaving were identical.Sabally was copying then Capt Solomon (Saj)Musa.All the tortures and shooting of people were carbon copies.The net scarves they wore,the name of the council etc.I am not trying to insult your intelligence Mr Jabang.Thank you for allowing me the space.I will be writing more about some of the tortures I withnessed.

Editors note:Mr.Dibba you are welcome to tell the Gambian public about your own personal story. Your assertion on the alleged tortures you witnessed interest us more. You would be doing great justice to yourself, your country and the civilized world if you should recount on the tortures you witnessed while serving the Gambian National Army. The Freedom Newspaper is interested about the truth and nothing but the truth. Thanks for your attention.

Posted on Sunday, May 20, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, May 30, 2007)
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