Apparently encouraged by the German high court’s decision to reject an opposition party’s call to stop Germany’s deployment of Tornado spy aircraft in Afghanistan (other countries use these aircraft as fighters), the Berlin government has hurried to launch its second SAR-Lupe spy satellite on a Russian rocket from a Russian launch site located somewhere on the Russian tundra in Russia.

This special radar reconnaissance satellite is step two of what the Germans hope will eventually be a five-satellite fleet of military spy satellites under development by Germany and France (the folks who did Galileo aren’t involved here are they?). A large X-band radar dish antenna on each satellite will be able to gather precise high-resolution imagery of nearly every location on Earth through clouds and darkness and greenhouse gases and even at night and on weekends and holidays, too.

German science geek specialists on the ground are just itching to turn all of those near-countless bits and bytes of data into detailed images for use by the German Defense Ministry before the German Defense Ministry is given a chance to delete it all.

“This is a race against time, you know,” said one half-baked dork involved in the project. “Provided we ever get all five of these babies up-and-running up there, and believe me that’s a long shot, we’re going to have to work fast as hell before our IT guys start ‘saving’ our data. Know what I’m sayin’?”

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