The internet is fertile ground for idiocy. Based on the emails that I get on a daily basis I should be richer than Bill Gates, be hung like an Elephant, and have the body of a Greek god. Most of these emails get caught in the Spam filter, but occasionally one sneaks its way through.

The email was entertaining, to say the least:


 Hey whats not to love about free money? And who doesn’t want an extra $4000 a month for doing absolutely nothing?

Well with an offer like that, who can resist exploring the deal? So, off to the web site I went.



The sad part is that there are people that will fall for this scam!

I for one think that I will pass on this great offer, after all a Nigerian lawyer has just contacted me and an Uncle that I don’t actually remember meeting has left me $100,000,000. $4k a month isn’t worth getting out of bed for!

If it looks too good to be true, it is! Be safe, avoid these scams.

Oh, BTW the email originated from While I have nothing against Malaysia one has to wonder why this great organization might opt to use it as a home base?

Update: Could this be home base? It sure looks like it.  If it is, well:


One can only surmise that it is impossible to get an email address in South Carolina and they just had to make do with one out of Malaysia! Home Base is well worth exploring. It would seem that these nice folks have a plan to make everyone rich! With the economy in the toilet, could be the saviors of the planet 😉

Simon Barrett

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