And if there’s not a good legal reason for what she did, I hope she’s disbarred, too

Forty one year old Brian Lee has a criminal record that’s six pages long.

Back in September, he defied a restraining order and stabbed the mother of his three children (aged 7, 4 and 2) in her pubic area and attacked her with a crowbar. In the restraining order, which was issued in May, she said he’d pounded her with a brick for “keeping him from getting high.” He was being held in jail awaiting trial, but on October 13 Suffolk Superior Court Judge Carol Ball reduced his cash bail to a mere $100.

Less than two weeks later, on October 25, his father took out his third restraining order against his son. This time around he’d slashed his father’s tires when he’d refused to give him money. Six years ago, his father made the mistake of trying to protect his son’s girlfriend by getting in between him and the young lady, and he’s been the target of his son’s wrath ever since. His father’s first restraining order was issued in 2000, the second in 2004.

Sometime Saturday, his son once again defied a restraining order. This time, he went after his father. His father’s bashed-in head, severed arms and legs were stuffed into white trash bags and dumped on a lawn in Roxbury, MA Saturday night. His father’s torso was later found in the basement of his home in Mallapan, MA.

According to the prosecutor, Lee made “conflicting and contraditory” statements to police and ultimately admitted carving his father into pieces. According to his court appointed attorney, he says he’s innocent.

Brian Lee has now been ordered held without bail by Dorchester District Court Judge Sydney Hanlon. Judge Ball has declined to comment.

I, for one, would simply love to hear her explanation. – Father long accused son of violence: Suspect charged in butchery freed just two weeks ago | Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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