Maybe there is something to this recent chatter about forging a new Atlantic alliance between Europe and the US blah, blah after all. At least as far as the cooperation between intelligence agencies go, I mean. Oder auch nicht (or maybe not). Who’s to say for sure? The guys who know certainly aren’t talking.

But according to a German terrorist research expert, or at least that’s what he claims to be, a tip-off from US spooks helped German spooks foil this week’s terror bomb plot against American military and airbases in Germany. It could be that US satellites picked up on another kind of chatter, the terrorist group’s electronic contact between Pakistan and Germany, more than 10 months ago, and US officials were then able to furnish the Germans with IP addresses (computer locations) and parts of names (like Fritz and Martin etc.) that definitely made their day. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing (in the right hands)?

Wow, Germany’s big anti-terrorist catch on Tuesday could maybe mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship between America and Europe. Oder auch nicht. Or have these guys always worked together well? Or have they never properly worked together yet? Who’s to say for sure? The guys who know certainly aren’t talking. Because talk, as you can witness every single day here at Observing Hermann…, dear readers, is notoriously cheap.

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