Mr. Alberto Gonzales is currently on the hot seat, answering to a group of senator’s what his recollections are about the firing of 9 prosecutors on his watch. 

There are questions left and right, currently comming from Illinois Senator Dick Durban.  Mr. Gonzales’ pat answer thus far is, “senator I don’t recall that”.  There has also been a fair number of “I think the answer is no, senator,” to the question of “do you recall any of these [evaluations] of the prosecutors?” and “I don’t have any recolleciton of talking to Mr. Rove about Ms. Lamb about this issue.” As Durbin asks the AG as to the White House Liasion (Lamb) and her roll with Mr. Rove and Mr. Gonzales in the firings.  The “no recollection” answer hopefully opens the door to the possibility and necessity of getting Rove in the hot seat. 

“This is not a question about Alberto Gonzales,” Mr. Gonzales said, “it is a question of what’s best for the office [of the AG].”  Gonzales went on to say that what is best for the office is that he stay on and work through these issues. 

 Heated debate between Gonzales/Durbin broke out as Durbin to the AG to task when Mr. Gonzales said that they [the review panel] should be careful when they critisize Gonzales because they are ergo critisizing the office of the AG and all her star-spangled employees.  Durbin quickly did a smack-down on Gonzales saying that that statement was essentially malarky and likened it to saying “if i disagree with the president on the war in Iraq, I am not supporting the troops.”  Durbin said, none to happily or quietly.  Gonzales quickly back peddled saying that wasn’t what he was saying what he wasy saying was that this is about him (Gonzales) and not to be taken as a reflection on the office which he represents.

The group is going to lunch and will return to the lion’s den with questions coming up from Senator Grassley of Iowa, let’s see if he plays the party line. 

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