Let’s see, we have a stolen truck in the pole barn…stolen electricity leading to it…a drug lab in there…chemicals in there…and the police “interview” the residents? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that interview.

(Note:for the slow of mind the below is complete fiction intended for comedic purposes and should in no way be understood as representing any factual events. Any relationship between the following fictional conversation and any real conversation is purely coincidental and extremely frightening)
Officer Smith: “Hi, do you live here?”
Shane, Patricia, Billy: “Yep.”
Smith: “And, do you also own that polebarn?”
Shane: “Wow, where did that come from? Never seen it before?”
Patricia: “We have a pole barn in the yard? What? No…what? Must have been dropped by a flying saucer.”
Billy: “Nope, never seen that pole barn and don’t know nothing about no stolen pickup inside it.”
Smith: “Then you also wouldn’t know about the meth lab inside the pole barn you say you have never seen?”
Shane: “Nope.”
Smith: “Okay, sorry to have bothered you. We will be in touch when we find out who owns the polebarn in your yard with the stolen pickup, the meth lab, the chemicals, and the illegally tapped electricity going into it. Sorry to have bothered you.”

      I think you would have to be pretty gullible to think there is no connection between the homeowners and the pole barn. Then again, these days…a good lawyer can get you off of anything.

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